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Sleep quality is the term used to describe how well you sleep every night. Sleep quality includes the time you sleep, as well as how restored or energized you feel the following day. The most common s
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Common warning signs include:

Poor sleep quality has immediate effects on the next day, and these tend to worsen as the problem persists in time. The most common symptoms of sleep deprivation include: Moodiness, difficulty staying awake, paying attention and concentration, and difficulty recalling important information and solving problems, as well as yawning and a feeling of general malaise. Cannabis has been observed to significantly improve sleep. CBD in particular appears to shorten the rapid eye movement (REM) phase of sleep—when the brain is active and more prone to waking—and lengthen the non-REM phase, promoting longer, non-interrupted sleep. Furthermore, cannabis may also reduce nightmares and unwanted movements in restless leg syndrome, as these problems also occur during the REM phase. Cannabis may be a particularly attractive option as a sleep aid, as currently available sleep-promoting drugs have many unwanted side-effects.

Recommended Strains

  • Tahoe OG Kush
  • Skywalker
  • God's Gift
  • Ogre
  • Big Bug


  • Carolyne Zinko
  • Bailey Rahn
  • Mark Hay
  • Mark Reddick
  • John Cline Ph. D