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User may delete their account by selecting “Account” found under the Leaf Tyme Menu. Click “Edit Profile” and at the bottom you will find the delete account feature. Users may also contact customer support at (800) 609-0579.

User may change their password by clicking “Account”. Select edit profile and change password option is listed on the menu. After changing your password select “Save Changes.”

Up to 4 hours before the appointment time. Click on the schedule icon on the Leaf Tyme menu . Then click Edit Appointment to make time changes or to cancel your appointment.

You can contact us by going to the Leaf Tyme menu bar and selecting “Contact Us”. A new screen will show, allowing you to send a message to our support team. You may also email us at support@leafttyme.com or call our support team at (800) 609-0579

From the login screen, you my click the forgot password option. The system will then prompt you to enter the email your registered with. A temporary code will be sent to the mail provided for you to input into the system. Once the temporary code is entered, another screen with prompt you to reset your password button. Once selected, you will then be able to edit the number of staff in the related field.

User will enter email and password setup during the initial enrollment process. Clicking the sign in button will help the user to log in to the application and would redirect the user to the main home screen. You only need to sign in if you want to leave a review, book a Jump The Line Appointment or create a profile. You can search dispensaries and brands, visit Know The Law, and Leaf Tyme MD without creating an account.